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Arizona bird photos 2008




Here is a pictorial gallery of some of the best bird photos I took while on a recent vacation to Arizona. I selected the images on the basis of ornithological interest as well as image quality. The equipment used was: Leica delux camera, adapter and Leica APO Televid spotting scope. Click on the images for enlargements.

Klaus Emmaneel











elegant trogon

rufous backed robin

vermillion flycatcher

broad billed hummingbird

cactus wren

green tailed towhee

harris's hawk


arizona woodpecker

say's phoebe

ladder backed woodpecker

chihuahuan raven


lewis's woodpecker


aber's towhee

gila woodpecker


gambell's quail

great tailed grackle

green heron

black crowned night heron

grey flycatcher

black necked stilt

great egret

loggerhead shrike

northern mockingbird

cooper's hawk

common merganser

pintail & cinamon teal



yellow rumped warbler

gamble's quail

black phoebe

brewer's sparrow

long billed thrasher

red tailed hawk

great horned owl

anna's hummingbird

sandhill crane


savanah sparrow




snowy egret

sora rail

yellow headed blackbird

eurasian collared dove

hermit thrush

sparrow hawk

pied billed grebe

western bluebird

common moorhen

dark eyed junco

least sandpiper