Klaus  Eugene Emmaneel
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Klaus Emmaneel   is a sculptor who lives and works in Victoria, B.C. In addition to his artistic persuits, he is an  accomplished musician and avid lover of nature. He brings  to his work the passionate love of the outdoors he discovered in his boyhood when  he developed a keen knowledge of  birds.

The Emmaneel Collection    forms the body of the work which consists of ceramical reproductions ( cast stone ) of  original wax carvings that are individually hand -cast, air-brushed and antiqued in various faux-finishes.







Klaus' Bird Photo Gallery

Bird watching California 2006

These bird photos have been assembled from a large collection of digital images taken over a period of eight years in the various locales outlined. The equipment involved is the Leica APO Televid with Leica digital camera and adapter. This technique is referred to as Digiscoping and affords the viewer the advantage of taking photos from a considerable distance, thereby limiting the amount of disturbance to the subject. This year, 2011, I began using the Canon 40D with the 100 - 400 IS zoom lens.

Panama bird tour gallery of 2005

Panama 2007 photos

Arizona 2008

Vancouver Island

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands 2011

Texas 2012


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